sobu was created by SLUSH Helsiki

sobu was selected by the Swiss CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) for SLUSH as one of the top ten start-ups in Switzerland. sobu had the honor of representing Switzerland.

What is SLUSH?
The SLUSH is considered the largest business conference in the world. The event has grown to 20,000 participants and 1 million live stream viewers in a short time. It brings different start-ups, but also investors and even those looking for inspiration closer together. SLUSH originated in Helsinki, Finland. In recent years they have expanded to Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore.
“It was a great honor for me and I am grateful to have been part of this wonderful event. It’s a huge responsibility and I’m proud of this whole occasion. Many thanks to the Swiss Embassy in Helsinki. This was an incredible opportunity to spread the unique idea of ​​sobu.” said Roberto D’Elia, the CEO & Founder.

About the sobu Group AG

sobu is a start-up company that emerged from a Swiss Post spin-off and has been an independent company since May 1, 2016. From then on, sobu successfully built up the Swiss market, which also caused a stir internationally. With over 220 contractual partners and over 67,000 users, sobu is the largest recommendation platform.
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