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The idea of verbal propaganda or even referral marketing is not new.

What is being rethought is the way it is done, namely online and via social networks.

Users refer users on their social networks and get credit when a friend follows the recommendation and buys something.

From one customer to another

A fundamental question for any business is how do I market my products in the most valuable and credible way.

Put simply: by word of mouth. A far greater challenge is getting customers to recommend each other’s products.

We have the answer:

sobu (social media & business network).

We are the innovative recommendation platform – a spin-off of the Swiss Post – with which you can take your online marketing to the next level.

Here at sobu, we have developed a unique business model that puts the spotlight on the most credible of sellers, the consumer.

According to the principle “buy – share – benefit”, sobu users recommend the products they have bought in your online shop to their friends via social networks. If one of these friends also buys something from your shop based on this recommendation, he or she will receive a discount. The recommender receives a commission, the amount of which you determine yourself. We take care of the monthly commission payments. True to our motto “From one customer to another”, everyone benefits.

Roland Thiemann, Head of Corporate Marketing at Trusted Shops, on sobu’s entry into the German market: “We are pleased that another player is entering the German market. sobu is an independent and reliable partner for companies and online shoppers. Just like Trusted Shops, sobu offers a business model with real added value that focuses on security and trustworthiness.”

Why sobu?

  • Ø every 5th recommendation generates a new customer
  • More traffic
  • Achievement-Based Success
  • Works independently of control functions such as ad blockers or cookies
  • Increases brand awareness – Ø 350 OTS per referral
  • sobu combines the best of referral marketing, affiliates, coupons and cashback
  • Guaranteed data protection
Benefit from becoming a sobu partner
  • Naturally increase the traffic on your website with sobu through recommendations from satisfied customers.
  • Win new customers and increase sales without generating fixed costs – because sobu is a purely performance-based tool.
  • with bigger ones Visibility on social media also increase your profile without paying a dime. Ad blockers and cookies are no longer an issue since sobu is a session-based platform.
  • Immerse yourself in the digital world of word of mouth with sobu as your marketing tool of choice. Take still contact with today us – we look forward to seeing you!

We are a start-up from a Swiss Post spin-off and have been an independent company since May 1, 2016.

The planned internationalization of sobu led to the post agreeing to a management buyout. It all started in 2011, when sobu emerged as a recommendation platform from Swiss Post’s innovative pool of ideas.

Since then, we have successfully established ourselves on the Swiss market and gained international recognition in the process. In 2015 we were nominated as one of the “Best in General E-Commerce”. eCommerce Awards for Excellence in London. In January 2016 we were named “Coolest Startup” at the WORLD WEBFORUM in Zurich. Since then, our goals have become even more ambitious. With our business model, we want to revolutionize the marketing world and shape it in the long term. The next step in realizing this vision will be our new platform, which will go live in the first quarter of 2017. Join us and become part of it great Travel – we look forward to seeing you!


True to our motto “From one customer to another”, we are committed to ensuring a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our successful team consists of:

Roberto D’Elia

CEO & founder of sobu

Roberto has 25 years of marketing experience. He has an HF degree in business administration and gained experience in brand management at Heineken. He developed the idea for sobu while working as head of agency consulting at Swiss Post. In 2016 he prepared the spin-off and founded the company. Roberto is responsible for strategy, business development and finance.


“If you’re going to build a ship, don’t round up the men to collect wood, divide up the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to long for the wide and endless sea.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince

Vijendra Kumar

Country Manager India

Vijendra Kumar is CTO of sobu Technology, Software Engineer with Masters in Computer Applications. With more than 8 years of experience in various projects, his expertise includes project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, development and implementation. Specialties are:
Software engineering, software architecture, project management, project delivery are cloud computing services.


“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” Confucius

Along the way, we pride ourselves on being recognized by our work

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